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Ashley's favourite Phase tips for good health and well-being

Ashley's favourite Phase tips for good health and well-being

Since joining Phasederm in 2021 I have learned so many things about my cycle and my hormones. My business partner and Phasederm founder, Stephanie, has what feels like a never ending supply of tips to help me better manage everything from PMS to cramps, to dry skin to the insane amount I seem to sweat. (Watch the blog for more from Steph on dealing with sweat, she really is a guru.) But as 37 year old female, who runs two businesses, and provides ongoing support to my mother, I'm also aware that there is only so many things I can successfully do each day. With that in mind, I wanted to share the top five tips I have learned from Steph to really help me feel my best no matter what phase I am in. 

1) Clarity comes from consistency
Even in my 30s it seemed like I always had a pimple or blackhead. I would wash my face most nights before bed, but for some reason I could never seem to get rid of that one little spot. One of the first things Stephanie mentioned to me when I joined Phase was to start washing my face twice a day. Where was I going to find time in my morning for that, but I made time and now that silly spot has pretty much vanished. My skincare regimen is lighter in the morning, saving precious time, but I think those few extra minutes for my face and myself are totally worth it. Plus, I find washing my face in the morning helps me start my day feeling even more refreshed. 

2) Take extra care of yourself the week before your period
The week before your period the changes to your progesterone and estrogen levels can affect your immunity. While your best defence against sickness is to take  care of yourself, as much as possible, try and be extra good to you the week before your period. 

3) Don't push yourself when you're having your period
I like to move. I walk everyday for about an hour and its not uncommon to find me dancing by myself in the house. But on the second and third day of my period, I've learned not to push myself. If I feel like working from the sofa or taking a quick nap, I do it. Instead of going on a long walk, I will do simple stretches on my living room floor. Stretching your lower back can help ease the cramps and aches we often feel when menstruating. 

4) Step off the scale
As I continue on my journey to lose those extra pounds in 2023, I have found that weighing myself each morning keeps me track. However, when you're having your period, your body retains water and your weight can increase anywhere from one to five pounds. 

5) Fulfill sugar cravings with bananas
I love candy. I have loved it since I was a child and I always had it in the house. A few months ago I decided to eliminate processed sugar from my diet. The first two weeks were hard, but I was pushing through, then my period came. All I wanted was candy. The cravings were strong. Luckily, Stephanie came to my rescue. She told me eat bananas. 

Bananas are packed with natural sugar which helped to curb my sugar cravings, plus the vitamin B6 can help reduce cramping. The best fruit ever! 

I hope these tips have been helpful and I have offered you some easy and practical ways to feel your best no matter what phase you are in.  have helped you to feel your best throughout each phase of your cycle?

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